About Us

The Transport Patient Lift uses one specific motion control device, playing a part in easing pressure caused by the weight of a stretcher itself as well as the weight of a patient in transport.        The UtiliTrak® Compact Linear Guide ses DualVee® Guide Wheels combined with specially placed hydraulics run on a simple 12 volt system.  

The motivation behind the UtiliTrak was Ray Crawford, mechanic-turned-inventor.  Inspired by a series of  troubling events, Crawford created a patient handling system using a steel version of UtiliTrak.  With help from engineers recruited by Crawford the TPL Crawford took shape in the form of a heavy-duty steel patient lift actuated by retractable linear guides. The result is a gurney that can withstand up to 1,900 pounds.         With two specially designed  guide wheel-based systems working in parallel, the system is designed with a quick fastening process.  The system then allows for an easy slide  of the gurney into an ambulance without paramedic muscle.  The alloy and stalwart engineering feature lent toward a resilience against liquid, such as blood and other bio-hazards common in emergency situations.   The unit  locks into place in a framework that secures the patient and the gurney while the ambulance is in motion.  

THE WHY ​      TPL Crawford, we designed, engineered and tested  to assist  EMT's while loading a patient into an ambulance; at the same time ensuring that the patient could be secured in the ambulance during transport. The TPL is specifically designed to: Save critical time Eliminate unnecessary workforce energy Protects the patient and the medic Decrease  Job Injuries & Insurance claims