​​​​​​​​​At TPL Crawford we designed, engineered and tested the TRANSPORT PATIENT LIFT to assist  Emergency Medical Technitions.       The TPL is specifically designed to easily move and lift up to 1900 pounds by just one operator, save critical time moving and loading patients and provide protection to  the patient during transport all while reducing (or even eliminating) injuries to the care providers.          Our transportation lift  (TPL) locks and secures in place in most all ambulances, with three width's to choose from, and compatible with most gurneys already in use.  Compatible  with  (C) Stryker and (c) Furno cots (powered or non-powered units.) ​       TPL has a a patented four-point locking system that has been tested at 16gs.   TPL meets or exceeds all NSA-1917 ambulance standards/cot restrain standard SAE J3027.        TPL patented cot  can reduce back injuries sustained by Emergency Medical Technitions while performing job duties.          TPL is self-lifting,